Rod Neer: artist, painter As a convinced and passionate advocate of geometric abstraction, I have created an extensive and complex oeuvre in the past thirty year, a work which stands out especially because of its delicate balance of color and form.

From the very beginning I was a follower of autonomous abstract art. My spiritual roots lay in the early constructive-geometric movement, the main influences being Josef Albers and Max Bill. In my later work the influence of Piet Mondrian is obvious.

Building on this body of thought I developed my own distinctive style. The first sketches and tempera pictures done in the late sixties reveal that independent style.

They demonstrate a distinctive sense of harmony between colour and form. In my artistic development there follow phases with lively space compositions and spheres including concise compositions in which triangles, rhombuses, and squares appear in a playful way. This is a two-dimensional style of painting. The influence of two years of experience in my own silk screen studio also plays a role in this development.

The love of technique, in particular the love of automobiles becomes noticeable in the kind of cars I worked with. I have been quite successful in this field.

I’ve never gone to an art academy. I have sought and found my own special way. I acquired the necessary technical skills in my training as a colour lithograph. The technical perfection in design and the keen sense for colour has been with me my whole life. The study of economic science culminating in a degree (graduate engineer, UAS) has certainly also left its mark on my artistic work. Creativity, seeking new ways, is just as important in industry as it is in art. Without ever completing a course in art design, I became very successful in the field of advertising with the focus point corporate design, corporate identity for companies in Germany and Austria. Art was always my first love. Since 2004 my dream has been fulfilled and all my creative energy now belongs to the art. The path I travelled was long but the goal has been reached - correction: almost reached - as our whole activity becomes meaningless and boring without a new goal.

Rod Neer
born 1.1.1951
in Waiblingen Germany
graduate engineer, UAS,
Galerie Ars, Düsseldorf

Rosso Bianco Museum, Aschaffenburg
Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart
Ambiente, Frankfurt
Spring Fair, Birmingham
Saca, Bologna
Deco Expo, New York
The West Coast Art Show, Las Vegas

Porsche Zentrum, Schwäbisch Gmünd


2021 Creation of the first NFTs
in the PopKick Edition
(Ethereum Blockchain)

Selected collections.
Painted on commission:

BMW AG, München
Citroen AG, Köln
Daimler AG, Stuttgart
Gelsenwasser AG, Gelsenkirchen
Sedus AG, Waldshut
Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg